Support the Museum

Thanks to your donation, two centuries of history will continue to live.

Do you want to help us take care of this little treasure trove of art, history and collective memory that is the Glauco Lombardi Museum?

You can make a donation to the Museum’s current account: you can find all the details at this link.

The proceeds will be used for new acquisitions, restoration interventions and enrichments of the exhibition itinerary which will be communicated at the end of each calendar year.

In what other ways can you help the museum?

Visit the collections and participate in the initiatives!
The Museum would not exist without an audience: come back and see the things you liked the most, get to know the new pieces and experiment with the different ways we offer you to form exciting bonds with our wonderful collections.

Support the Museum… donate your 5‰
It is possible to allocate 5‰ to the Glauco Lombardi Museum: just indicate our tax code when filing your tax return: 80022320347.

Adopt a work from the Glauco Lombardi Museum
We have almost 3000 pieces and some need restoration: attach your name to one of them! Interested? Contact the management on 0521/233727 or email

Make a material donation
Every year the Museum receives dozens of pieces, small or large pieces that help us to recompose the story narrated by our collections; if you too have a work that fits into this story and you wish to leave it for public use, contact us on 0521 233727 or email
The donated works will always keep the indication of the donors in the form you wish to indicate and will find space in the Museum’s publications.

Donation details
Bank transfer made out to Fondazione Museo Glauco Lombardi
Intesa Sanpaolo – sede centrale PARMA
IBAN: IT13 M030 6912 7650 0000 0034 698
swift code or BIC: BCITITMM